GIVEAWAY: $100 Anthropologie Gift Card


My favorite place to shop is Anthropologie. While giveaways aren’t usually my style, I love to share things that I love with the people who follow me on social media. So, because you’re awesome, I wanted to say thank you for being part of the family. Between now and Friday, you and your friends have […]

You hold our kite together. 


Dear Jimmy, Sixteen years ago, when we got married in front of a few people at that church we rented….  neither of us could have ever dreamed what life had prepared ahead of us.  Little did we know that the decision to get pregnant with our first baby was going to be the beginning of some of the […]

The CEO Without An Office

Do you actually need a door to close?

The CEO Without An Office

I walked into a business environment recently and was stunned to find the CEO sitting out in the middle of the office surrounded by his staff.  His feet were up. His laptop was in his lap.  He was working on a presentation for an upcoming business meeting. “How in the world do you get anything […]