My recent lesson in hope

Sick. My recent lesson in hope.

Have you ever been sick and not known why? Last fall, I knew something was wrong. I was exhausted. There was pain in my upper right abdomen and in my lower right abdomen. Food was painful to eat. I was losing weight. A few months later, I’d seen at least 12 different doctors and had several […]

Consider Facebook’s economic power.

The new rules of the game.

Should Facebook drive the small business economy?

I was reading an article tonight on Wired by Nicholas Thompson AND Fred Vogelstein about Facebook’s struggles during and after the election to deal with the responsibility found in presenting various viewpoints equally while also suppressing fake news. Their epically long, but must-read article is titled “Inside the Two Years that Shook Facebook – And the […]

Former Vice Chairman of Target discusses the future of retail

Everything is changing

This Square One interview (a Harvard Law School podcast) with Jerry Storch is a unique opportunity to hear a senior business leader’s perspective on current changes in the retail business environment. Storch’s discussion with host, Romeen Sheth, was spirited and enlightening. The experiences and foresight shared during the conversation may be helpful for retail and […]

Could Amazon buy Toys R Us?

The Baby Industry is One Big Game of Chess

Toys R Us seeks 120£ from investors immediately in Britain According to a story published in The Telegraph today, Toys R Us is seeking 120£  from investors immediately to help fund payment deadlines at the end of the month. 50£ is needed by the end of the month. An additional 70£ would fund changes to […]

Diapers: Graphing The Costs Over Time

Incremental Diaper Savings Add Up Over Time

Diaper Costs Compared

Diapers are expensive.  As you change each diaper, the costs (or the savings) add up.  We took a look at how the costs and the savings compare to each other over a period of 2 ½ years.  Potty training happens for many children sometime during toddlerhood.  Potty training may be delayed for some children well […]

What happens when a baby has enough diapers?


Imagine what happens when a baby has enough diapers. A baby with a safe supply of cloth diapers is changed more often. Because she is changed more often, she has less diaper rash. Because she has less diaper rash, she might cry less. Because she cries less, her parents might be less anxious. Because her […]

Count The Cost of Diapering

Because every baby leaks.


Every baby leaks. Most families choose to use diapers, either cloth diapers or disposable diapers, to contain the leaks. The cost of containing those leaks can be high.  Disposable diapers are a single use product.  Use it once, throw it away, buy it again.  Cloth diapers are used again and again, often for multiple children. […]

Ten Languages Under One Roof

Two years ago, we began the process of building a diaper factory in St. Louis. We hired a team at Washington University to evaluate the efficiency of our manufacturing process. I wanted to understand what we were doing and how we could, perhaps, improve on those processes.  That team came back with a solid recommendation and […]

Whole Foods Sold Their Recipes & Formulas to Amazon

How will the transaction impact independent retailers and brands?

At some point, in the not too distant future, Amazon wants to ensure that you’re buying everything from either or Amazon stores.  Books.  Music. Diapers. Tech.  Food.  Shampoo.  Organic body care and organic foods. All interestingly now available for purchase at lower prices when you choose their “store brand”. The latter newly so thanks to a […]