This is a great example of how the line wait turned into the meaningful moment for my little guy.  He was afraid to get a picture with Tigger and Winnie the Pooh, but he was totally enraptured with the experience of watching them from behind this box.

Is Disney worth it with toddlers?

Early this spring, I got a call from Disney inviting us to come down for a weekend with our two littlest people. They had a weekend planned for bloggers with preschoolers and wanted us to participate. We actually had a window in our schedule and agreed to take Louis (just turned two) and Elsie (just … Continue reading


#PutOnLove – Because together, we’re stronger.

Women are an incredible force. A force for right and against wrong. A force for our children and against harm. A force for freedom. And the underserved. What if, for a minute, we turned our eyes towards love? What if we set aside differences and focus on unity? What if we use story to teach others … Continue reading

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Escaping the Dopamine Trap

Did you know that high levels of negative information interact with the pleasure centers in your brain, releasing a chemical reaction not unlike what happens when you’re addicted to pain killers?

The Real Story of Cotton Babies

The Real Story of Cotton Babies

The exhilaration of seeing two pink lines on the pregnancy test for the first time thirteen years ago is a feeling I won’t soon forget.  I called my friend and had a squealing moment about those two pink lines.  Then I had to take the other test… just to be sure.  It felt amazing. I’d dreamed about having a … Continue reading


The day a diaper got a new name…

I’ve barely slept the last three days as I’ve pondered writing this post and what to say and how to say it… After all these years, I’ve come to really appreciate the people who try to understand the complexities involved in making all of the people happy all of the time while also trying to operate … Continue reading


Our Employees Bring Babies to Work… and how we make it work

Having started my business with a little person in my lap or crawling around my feet, I am an avid advocate for parents who want to bring a baby to work for a period of time after returning from maternity leave.  Making this allowance for employees enables them to further develop the parenting relationship after baby joins their … Continue reading


We’re Changing Things… Warranty and Washing Recommendation Updates

After reviewing the feedback received through customer surveys regarding detergent choice and washing routines, Cotton Babies has decided to make several major changes. We are discontinuing our list of recommended detergents. Instead, we are recommending that parents choose a detergent that works well for their family, their budget, and their child.The new detergent information sheet along with basic … Continue reading


Dear Mommy Bully

Dear Mommy Bully,

Yes, you.

I’ve seen what you said.

You attack people online using violent or ugly language. You use a woman’s face and make fun of her through cruel memes. You say anything and justify it as acceptable because this is “the internet”.



Jack Welch had an interesting recipe for success. Every time his team finished a project, they’d spend a little bit of time celebrating the successes, but then they spent a lot more time reviewing and documenting their failures. He created a process to help those teams implement what they’d learned from both the successes and … Continue reading


I found a way to get to the bottom of my pile of email….

I do a lot of work at night and on the weekends. I never expect a response until a business day, but sometimes people who don’t know me don’t know that…. which means that I have more email that needs taken care of before normal people go back to work. In an effort to help myself … Continue reading


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