Gisele Bundchen is a breastfeeding mom… who also works.

Laughing as I watch the mothering world engage in a debate over Gisele Bundchen’s breastfeeding photo. Of course most women aren’t feeding their baby while they simultaneously get their hair styled, nails manicured, and makeup done, but many of us ARE feeding our babies while we are also working our own jobs.

Gisele is a model. She gets to go to work with her baby. Her baby needed to eat. She had to nurse her baby while she was getting ready to work. It was a moment that she chose to share with the rest of the world. I’m so glad she did. More moms who work need to share these types of photos! It’s this kind of transparency that makes breastfeeding seem possible for moms who work outside of the home.

Respect her. She’s a good mom. So are you.


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One thought on “Gisele Bundchen is a breastfeeding mom… who also works.

  1. I think this picture is beautiful!! I breast fed both my babies and plan to do the same with future little angels. I also think it’s great that woman in high positions/woman of influence are empowered to show they are breast feeding mommies! Great job Gisele!! Your an inspiration to woman everywhere!