#IGetToKnow – Disposable Diapers: Why all the secrets?

Almost nobody is watching the disposable diaper industry

We’ve been in the diaper industry now for about fourteen years. As the cloth diaper world has developed beyond diaper services, prefolds, and diaper covers and into modern cloth diapers, we’ve learned a great deal about how the disposable diaper companies work, how they market, how they became what they are today, what they tell consumers, how they lobby, what they don’t tell you… and why.

It’s taken a long time to finally feel like I could start the process of writing down what we’ve learned.  I’ve taken the first step by documenting a few really important pieces of information as part of a Change.org petition. As you’ll quickly learn reading this petition, almost nobody is watching the disposable diaper industry. Not the FDA. Not the FTC.  Why all the secrets?

Read more here:  IGetToKnow.com

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One thought on “#IGetToKnow – Disposable Diapers: Why all the secrets?

  1. Hi Jen! I really liked reading your article. I work for beautycounter, a company that is working towards transparency and regulation in the beauty industry, and even though many of my friends cloth diaper, and I intend to do so as well, I had never thought about the ingredient implications of disposables (just the eco/financial ones). One note though, you said that we know what’s in a babies clothing, and that’s not always the case. Tons of kids clothing are sprayed with flame retardants, and companies don’t have to disclose what those chemicals are! Its just crazy. Thank you for your article and your petition, I will be signing for sure!