UPDATED WITH ADHESIVE INFORMATION: Band-Aid Is First To Tell The Truth About Ingredients


FIRST UPDATE: Several commenters have pointed out that Band-Aid hasn’t explained the ingredients in their adhesive, apparently a common allergen for many readers. We will update this post when someone has successfully received an answer to this question.
SECOND UPDATE: A commenter added Band-Aid’s response to her questions regarding ingredients in their adhesive – along with her frustration with their lack of transparency.  We have also received a private message from another commenter.  The screenshot she sent us indicated that Band-Aid packaging contains latex. This is important information for people with a latex allergy.  Outside of these two pieces of information, Band-Aid has not gone any further to disclose specific adhesive ingredients.
While they’ve done well answering questions regarding their other components, I suspect Band-Aid isn’t answering questions about their adhesive because the adhesive gives them a specific competitive advantage over Curad and others.  If you are affected by a sensitivity to Band-Aid ingredients, please contact Band-Aid directly to let them know of your sensitivity to their product and request information so you can avoid products containing the same ingredients.  Over time, companies may change both manufacturing and disclosure practices through repeated consumer requests.  Band-Aid is owned by Johnson & Johnson, a public company NASDAQ:JNJ.
One particular mom has been on an IGetToKnow mission to find out what is in EVERYTHING that she is putting in her body and on her child’s body. She wrote to me about an interaction she had with Band-Aid earlier today. With her permission, I’m sharing her message along with the attached screenshot of their response:

“I’ve attempted to get more specific answers from Carefree and Tampax, and they will no longer answer questions! But looking at my boxes of Band-Aids, I didn’t see a whole lot of information. Luckily they responded with a pretty decent response! I’m begining to question anything that doesn’t have any information on packaging, and my questions are answered when they don’t want to give me details! That’s when I know I can no longer trust the company as much as I had originally thought! If other companies would respond like Band-Aid did, I would feel so much better! They even included the wrapper ingredients! And Carefree can’t even tell me about their adhesive!”

BAND-AID Brand was the first absorbent product brand to respond with any level of transparency to questions about product ingredients.

Care-free responded by telling us what food ingredients weren’t in their products.  A disposable nursing pad company told us their disposable nursing pads were “100% cotton”?!  Many other companies either have been defensive, haven’t responded, said their ingredients are proprietary, or we suspect the ingredients made available to consumers aren’t complete. 

Band-Aid was the first brand to respond to this particular mom with kindness and full transparency.  

We’re so thankful to see Band-Aid seems to believe that moms get to know what in the things we put on our baby. 

Yes, this is just one private message to one mom.  But I’ve seen her other screenshots.  Multiple brands have been nothing less than rude to her. It feels like a small miracle when ONE BRAND does the right thing and respectfully tells the truth using BIG WORDS.  

I’m not going to use this post to discuss how large companies might tend to treat women if we have questions about their product, but you should know that FTC labeling disclosure exceptions for disposable diapers and menstrual pads primarily affect babies, women, and the elderly.

We’d encourage Band-Aid to add the same level of transparency to their website (if it’s already there, we will update this post with a link) and to their packaging. That would be an even bigger deal than being immediately kind and respectful to one mom in a private message that ended up not being quite so private.

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I wonder who will be next?

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7 thoughts on “UPDATED WITH ADHESIVE INFORMATION: Band-Aid Is First To Tell The Truth About Ingredients

  1. I wish they’d disclosed the ingredients for their adhesive, also. Even their latex-free products have resulted in severe reactions and it would be nice to be able to finally nail down this allergy to avoid future issues. (I have messaged the company and am awaiting a response.)

    • Update: Spoke with an “expert” and got basically nowhere. All she could tell me about the water block bandages were that the adhesive contains synthetic ink, that sheer and flexible fabric bandage adhesives were a poly-ethanol film-coated adhesive, and the hurt-free wrap was discontinued this year (it’s only March now) and so she had zero information on that product to share. I was offered replacement product or coupons for product that I can’t use because they still refuse to share the ingredients, even with their “product experts”. Incredibly frustrating. I wasn’t even asked to detail what my specific reactions were. I did, however, learn that even their latex-free products contain latex in the packaging.

  2. I’d also like to confirm what the adhesive is.
    we are a house that has allergies to Latex and everytime we buy Latex free bandages we still get rashes and what looks like burns and blisters in the exact shape of the sticky area

  3. I would greatly appreciate if the ingredients to adhesive wild be included. I have allergies to latex, rubber, and some adhesives. I just spent 4 weeks in the hospital and it was trial and error with some products to see if I would react or not. When I had my c-section, I had a severe reaction to the product that was used and it took weeks to heal. Honesty brings loyal customers.

  4. my daughter and I also have allergic reactions to the adhesive and would like to know what it is made of so that maybe we can find an alternative. I’m glad that band aid has shown a willingness to answer questions and hope we get all the answers we need it seems a great number of us have reactions to the adhesive.

  5. I would love to know what’s in the adhesive. Both myself and one of my children are allergic to the adhesive, so we try not to use them at all. I would like to know if there is a single ingredient that is causing the allergic reactions so we can avoid it.