Where are Cotton Babies diapers made anyway?


Back in 2005 when bumGenius was created, the first production lines were established in a small cut & sew factory in Denver, Colorado.  When they started, 7 people were working on making our diapers.  Today, hundreds of people work together to make the brands you now see coming from Cotton Babies. The Denver production lines been […]

#PutOnLove – Because together, we're stronger.


Women are an incredible force. A force for right and against wrong. A force for our children and against harm. A force for freedom. And the underserved. What if, for a minute, we turned our eyes towards love? What if we set aside differences and focus on unity? What if we use story to teach others […]

The Real Story of Cotton Babies

The Real Story of Cotton Babies

The exhilaration of seeing two pink lines on the pregnancy test for the first time thirteen years ago is a feeling I won’t soon forget.  I called my friend and had a squealing moment about those two pink lines.  Then I had to take the other test… just to be sure.  It felt amazing. I’d dreamed about having a […]