Gisele Bundchen is a breastfeeding mom… who also works.

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Laughing as I watch the mothering world engage in a debate over Gisele Bundchen’s breastfeeding photo. Of course most women aren’t feeding their baby while they simultaneously get their hair styled, nails manicured, and makeup done, but many of us ARE feeding our babies while we are also working our own jobs. Gisele is a … Continue reading

Cloth Diaper Coops


Cotton Babies does not support (and will not sell to) cloth diaper coops for the following reasons: It’s not good for babies.  Most coops are selling goods that are not compliant with the requirements of CPSIA; allowing unsafe baby products to be sold to unsuspecting parents who are just “looking for a deal”.  This is … Continue reading

Where are Cotton Babies diapers made anyway?


Back in 2005 when bumGenius was created, the first production diapers were made in a small factory in Denver, Colorado.  Since the first day the Denver production lines went up, they haven’t stopped humming (except to move a few years later to a bigger building). A few years later, we built a factory in Alexandria, … Continue reading

Hiding that diaper?


A mom recently introduced me to a friend as the owner of a cloth diaper company. The friend said, “You probably won’t like me then. I used disposables.” Lets get this out of the way. I make a great product line. It fits. It absorbs well. It’s easy to use. It’s flexible. It can work … Continue reading

How do you do it all?


I can’t even count how many times people have asked me this question.  How do you do it all?  There are many assumptions built into that questions.  “All” gets defined differently by different people.  Some assume that I have an organic garden that I farm myself, chickens in the backyard in a coop, homeschooled children, … Continue reading

Cloth Diaper Trash Talk?


We frequently engage in new projects that require fun, new names. I’ve covered walls with brainstorming ideas, searched odd dictionaries, turned to Scrabble cheater websites, thesauruses… any tool is fair game when you’re trying to find something fun. As we research, we’ve also learned the importance of using tools like Google and Urban Dictionary to … Continue reading

What’s next for Cotton Babies.

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I got very quiet on the blog almost a year ago after we found out we were expecting our fourth child. Pregnancy and me aren’t close friends, for good reasons. I get grumpy – to the point where my Facebook posts go viral because people think my lovely perspective on life is entertaining (see image … Continue reading

Cloth Diaper Warranty Fraud is on the Rise


I’ve known for years that we were seeing occasional instances of warranty fraud coming into our returns department. Recently though, we have started seeing an increasing pattern of this behavior that we finally decided to mentioned publicly, both for the benefit of consumers who may not know that this behavior is illegal and for the … Continue reading

Share The Love: The New Cloth Diaper Bank


Together with my team at the office, I have been working on getting a Cloth Diaper Bank off the ground for months now… it’s taken time to get everything off the ground and operational, but last week, we did our first official Share The Love™ diaper distribution to families here in St. Louis. Share The … Continue reading

Getting Started With A Cloth Diaper Business: Keep Your Focus

Stay Focused.

Focus is essential for achieving a goal… any goal. Owners of new cloth diaper companies tend to spend a great deal of time looking at (and worrying about) what other cloth diaper companies are doing. What everyone else is doing doesn’t matter. What *does* matter is what you are doing, how you are doing it … Continue reading


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