Share The Love: The New Cloth Diaper Bank


Together with my team at the office, I have been working on getting a Cloth Diaper Bank off the ground for months now… it’s taken time to get everything off the ground and operational, but last week, we did our first official Share The Love™ diaper distribution to families here in St. Louis. Share The … Continue reading

Documenting Diaper Need: An Update to Kristina’s Story


Hi Jennifer, Kathryn is four and a half months old now, and her adjusted developmental age is two and a half months. She has been home from the hospital for almost 8 weeks now and is doing awesome! She is taking all of her feeds orally through the bottle, and we aren’t using the feeding … Continue reading

Documenting Diaper Need: Kristina’s Story (Washington)


Kristina’s story is the result of financial struggles brought about by a serious medical condition. Her family isn’t able to qualify for any kind of assistance until after the baby comes home from the hospital. At that time, they will be loosing an income to allow one parent to stay at home with this beautiful … Continue reading

Merry Christmas… from a homeless mom.


Dear Friends, As I was enjoying my coffee this morning, I found an incredible story of determination from Anastasia, a homeless mom who shared her story on my Facebook wall. Many of you will know how close to my heart this falls. I’d love it if you would read her story and leave a comment … Continue reading

The DIAPER Act (HR 3134) Supports Cloth Diapers


On October 6th, Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro introduced the DIAPER Act (HR 3134), a bill designed to provide diapers to families using subsidized childcare. To receive subsidized child care, you must be working or going to school. Childcare providers require that you provide diapers for your baby. Diapers are expensive. Unfortunately, it is impossible to … Continue reading

People who make me smile… Judge Jimmie Edwards


A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to hear  Judge Jimmie Edwards, St. Louis Juvenile Court, speak to a group of local St. Louis business leaders. In his presentation, he addressed issues related to parenting teenagers, what happens when young people find themselves in Juvenile Detention, how those children are educated during their time  there … Continue reading

Almost Free Diapers – How to diaper your baby when you can’t afford disposable diapers or cloth diapers


Over the weekend, a customer shared with us this news report from Manhattan’s NY1: High Cost Of Diapers Forces Some Parents Into Risky Practices. It breaks my heart because I personally know what it feels like to have to choose food OR diapers. When my husband and I started Cotton Babies, we were living on … Continue reading

Christmas with Econobum


With the money saved by not purchasing disposable diapers, cloth diapers can help provide a family you know with better food. This year, our theme for Christmas is “Trim a Tree. Trim a Budget. Give Cloth Diapers.” You can change a family’s life (and how well they are able to feed their children) by giving … Continue reading


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