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Jenn writes about everything that inspires her. Some of her favorite topics include the logistics of combining motherhood with having a career in corporate leadership, civility in discourse, her passion for helping mothers living in poverty, the realistic challenges of parenting four children as a CEO running a multi-million dollar company, and, sometimes, the amazing vacations she’s taken with her family. Occasionally, she approaches topics through extensive research and passionate discourse. But more often, she’s creating content with a humorous focus on the ridiculous little bits of life.

Jenn’s goal is to use the power of story to provide information to her audience while brightening their day and lightening their load.  Jenn loves to work with sponsors as long as it doesn’t interfere with how she communicates with her audience.  The opportunities outlined below have been carefully selected to stay within those guidelines. If you have creatives ideas about how we might be able to work together, please feel free to reach out with a pitch.

Conference / Keynote Speaker
For information about how to book me for your event, please visit the speaker page.

Promoted Posts
Your content with a guaranteed reach.

Site Sponsor
Site Sponsors are category exclusive and receive a dedicated page on the site, navigable through the top navigation, with a minimum of 1200 words about an experience with your product or brand and how it has influenced the Labit family. This page will live for a contracted period of time. Jenn understands the need to deliver value in the form of ROI to an advertiser. While she cannot guarantee revenue, she is willing to consider a revenue share as partial payment. All content complies with all FTC guidelines.

Interstitial Content Within Blog Posts
Sponsored content is formatted to look like a copy-rich, personalized ad with a photo and be will be placed within a post on my site.  Jenn is  usually sitting on a large number of unpublished posts.  If you’re trying to reach a particular audience, and there is a post queued up with relevant content, she will suggest including your ad within that post content.

To being exploring an Advertising relationship with Jenn’s blog, send her an email.