The Hoodie Test

The Hoodie Test

I was raised in a family that didn’t have a ton of money. We made ends meet, but I was never the girl who had the expensive coats or the nice shoes. It took me years to understand that the girls in third grade who were in the popular cliques had clothes from the expensive […]

The Ease of the Sale

The Ease of The Sale

I am often asked how to measure how platforms are doing with their efforts. As I consider that question, I look at balance sheets first to see how the business is behaving. Are they investing? Are they changing other behaviors? Have they reached a point where they cannot be stopped? How “easy is their sale”?

Platform Strategy for Brands

Dad Holding Baby Wearing Blue bumGenius Diaper Over His Head

When people attend classes I’ve taught about strategy or economics, the questions often focus around how brands should approach an innovation and platform strategy. Those questions recently came up again in a different format, so I took notes and decided to start putting some of the most frequently asked questions on my blog.

Why Antitrust Law Matters

Why Anti-Trust Law Matters

The removal of psychological constraints and physical constraints for retail and now imminent threats to grocery competitors has fundamentally changed the way business is done. This change has substantively altered economic forces in a way that should cause courts to evaluate and perhaps, once-again, evolve anti-trust law.

Memorable Kindness

Thoughts on memorable kindness.

It was twenty years ago. Jimmy and I weren’t married yet. We were looking for a church that we could call home together.  We’d seen a commercial, and decided to find that church. One Friday night, forty-five minutes late, Jimmy and I walked in the door and this particular usher just happened to be the one standing there.

The Power of The Pixel

An article was published on Wired recently about Facebook’s failure to suppress fake news. The epically long, but must-read article is titled “Inside the Two Years that Shook Facebook — And the World”. As I read, in particular, I noted the implications to corporate power, retail economics, and platform marketing in the content… “For the […]

Diapers: Graphing The Costs Over Time

Incremental Diaper Savings Add Up Over Time

Diaper Costs Compared

Diapers are expensive.  As you change each diaper, the costs (or the savings) add up.  We took a look at how the costs and the savings compare to each other over a period of 2 ½ years.  Potty training happens for many children sometime during toddlerhood.  Potty training may be delayed for some children well […]