How Amazon is Changing Everything Within the Natural Products Industry: Why Antitrust Law Matters

This article will look at Amazon’s private label strategy within the grocery category, the Whole Foods 365 stores, and how the Amazon grocery strategy has unfolded over the last year.  I point towards news that indicates another Amazon grocery merger may be coming via a transportation acquisition. I go on to present the initial constructs […]

He Remembered Us

Thoughts on memorable kindness.

It was twenty years ago. Jimmy and I weren’t married yet. We were looking for a church that we could call home together.  We’d seen a commercial, and decided to find that church. One Friday night, forty-five minutes late, Jimmy and I walked in the door and this particular usher just happened to be the […]

Loneliness and Social Engagement

AKA: Are you a friend, a rock thrower, or a coat holder?

A few years ago, someone emailed me a question. We had an active project that we were getting ready to release publicly, but it wasn’t ready to be shared that day. I replied to the email. In my response, I told her that we were working on an answer to her question, but that I […]

The Girl’s Guide to Negotiating

Negotiation is discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. When you want to accomplish a certain goal, it is important to consider the whole situation carefully before making commitments. It’s a big game and, if you play your cards right, you can get to your goal. Most importantly, get to know the rest of the players […]

The Power of The Pixel

The retail economics of platform marketing.

An article was published on Wired recently about Facebook’s failure to suppress fake news. The epically long, but must-read article is titled “Inside the Two Years that Shook Facebook — And the World”. In particular, I noted the implications to corporate power, retail economics, and platform marketing in the content… “For the first time, insiders […]

A Working Mom’s Reflection on Daylight Savings Time

AKA: Everyone is awake. A Sleepless Rant.

We fail at bedtime. Regularly. They play with their toys like perfect angels at 11 pm and then lay in their beds and read. No parent wants to interrupt imaginary play time. And voluntary reading? We all want our kids to read more. Why can’t this happen at 2 pm? The Labit family really needs […]


My recent lesson in hope

Sick. My recent lesson in hope.

Have you ever been sick and not known why? Last fall, I knew something was wrong. I was exhausted. There was pain in my upper right abdomen and in my lower right abdomen. Food was painful to eat. I was losing weight. A few months later, I’d seen at least 12 different doctors and had several […]

Former Vice Chairman of Target discusses the future of retail

Everything is changing

This Square One interview (a Harvard Law School podcast) with Jerry Storch is a unique opportunity to hear a senior business leader’s perspective on current changes in the retail business environment. [soundcloud url=”” width=”100%” height=”120″ iframe=”true” /] Storch’s discussion with host, Romeen Sheth, was spirited and enlightening. The experiences and foresight shared during the conversation […]

Diapers: Graphing The Costs Over Time

Incremental Diaper Savings Add Up Over Time

Diaper Costs Compared

Diapers are expensive.  As you change each diaper, the costs (or the savings) add up.  We took a look at how the costs and the savings compare to each other over a period of 2 ½ years.  Potty training happens for many children sometime during toddlerhood.  Potty training may be delayed for some children well […]