Poverty, Diapers, Washing, Empowerment, and Privilege

We need to talk about privilege and how it influences the media’s assumptions about families living under the burden of poverty.  Eventually, we’ll get to how those assumptions influence social program design, but today, we’re just going to look at the media and a recent set of articles. Last week, Emily Badger and Juliet Eilperin wrote an […]

Cloth Diaper Co-ops – Are your cloth diapers legal?

Heard from a friend about a great deal you can get by placing a co-op order for cloth diapers, toys, baby carriers, or other “OEM” products for your baby that are made in China? It might sound like the price is right, but there are some things you should know before you buy: There are consumer product safety laws that apply […]

The DIAPER Act (HR 3134) Supports Cloth Diapers

On October 6th, Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro introduced the DIAPER Act (HR 3134), a bill designed to provide diapers to families using subsidized childcare. To receive subsidized child care, you must be working or going to school. Childcare providers require that you provide diapers for your baby. Diapers are expensive. Unfortunately, it is impossible to […]