How Amazon is Changing Everything Within the Natural Products Industry: Why Antitrust Law Matters

This article will look at Amazon’s private label strategy within the grocery category, the Whole Foods 365 stores, and how the Amazon grocery strategy has unfolded over the last year.  I point towards news that indicates another Amazon grocery merger may be coming via a transportation acquisition. I go on to present the initial constructs […]

Loneliness and Social Engagement

AKA: Are you a friend, a rock thrower, or a coat holder?

A few years ago, someone emailed me a question. We had an active project that we were getting ready to release publicly, but it wasn’t ready to be shared that day. I replied to the email. In my response, I told her that we were working on an answer to her question, but that I […]

The Power of The Pixel

The retail economics of platform marketing.

An article was published on Wired recently about Facebook’s failure to suppress fake news. The epically long, but must-read article is titled “Inside the Two Years that Shook Facebook — And the World”. In particular, I noted the implications to corporate power, retail economics, and platform marketing in the content… “For the first time, insiders […]

Whole Foods Sold Their Recipes & Formulas to Amazon

At some point, in the not too distant future, Amazon wants to ensure that you’re buying everything from either or Amazon stores.  Books.  Music. Diapers. Tech.  Food.  Shampoo.  Organic body care and organic foods. All interestingly now available for purchase at lower prices when you choose their “store brand”. The latter newly so thanks to a […]

Counterfeit Baby Products At Amazon

And you don't even get to choose whether you get a real or a fake.

While I know that a lot of you have a love affair going on with Amazon Prime and their seemingly amazing two-day shipping, you should know that you’re not necessarily going to get what you think you’re ordering… and, based on our experience and what I’m reading in the media, even after receiving reports of […]