What’s next for Cotton Babies.

I got very quiet on the blog almost a year ago after we found out we were expecting our fourth child. Pregnancy and me aren’t close friends, for good reasons. I get grumpy – to the point where my Facebook posts go viral because people think my lovely perspective on life is entertaining (see image […]

Lessons From A Card Game

You were dealt a hand. No matter how your cards landed in your hand, you get to choose how you respond. Don’t quit. Don’t settle in to failure. Don’t settle into success. Don’t find cruise control. Dream a little. Play the cards. Envying someone else’s hand doesn’t do anything except slow down the game. Wishing […]

A simple step towards a better day.

I heard this for the first time from my pastor and then was surprised to hear it again from Diane Sawyer when I was watching the Oprah Winfrey Network on the elliptical a few weeks later. I’ve never forgotten it and am passing it along to you today so you can paste it in your […]

Merry Christmas… from a homeless mom.

Dear Friends, As I was enjoying my coffee this morning, I found an incredible story of determination from Anastasia, a homeless mom who shared her story on my Facebook wall. Many of you will know how close to my heart this falls. I’d love it if you would read her story and leave a comment […]