The Power of The Pixel

An article was published on Wired recently about Facebook’s failure to suppress fake news. The epically long, but must-read article is titled “Inside the Two Years that Shook Facebook — And the World”. As I read, in particular, I noted the implications to corporate power, retail economics, and platform marketing in the content… “For the […]

Ten Languages Under One Roof

Two years ago, we began the process of building a diaper factory in St. Louis. We hired a team at Washington University to evaluate the efficiency of our manufacturing process. I wanted to understand what we were doing and how we could, perhaps, improve on those processes. That team came back with a solid recommendation […]

The Face of Competition

As I encounter more and more of the amazing variety of women who make up this world, I have seen something, over and over again that bears mentioning here. That face.  The look on the face of a business owner who just discovered their idea, their creative work, being used by someone else.   Entire essays […]

Together, We’re Stronger. Put on Love.

Women are an incredible force. A force for right and against wrong. A force for our children and against harm. A force for freedom. And the underserved. What if, for a minute, we turned our eyes towards love? What if we set aside differences and focus on unity? What if we use story to teach others […]

Our Employees Bring Babies to Work

Having started my business with a little person in my lap or crawling around my feet, I am an avid advocate for parents who want to bring a baby to work for a period of time after returning from maternity leave. Making this allowance for employees enables them to further develop the parenting relationship after […]

Babies At Work

I’ve spent the last few weeks wrestling with people who believe business leadership is barely a place for a woman, and even less so for a mother with a newborn. It’s unfamiliar territory for most because our culture has practically required that women become masculine in order to be successful. Books about successful businesswomen practically […]

Why I don’t believe in “impossible”.

Almost every day, I’m surprised again by someone willing to believe that a situation is impossible to work through. The mountain is too high. The project is too big. The problem is complex. Learning is hard. Change is scary. It is always easier to talk to everyone you know about a problem you’re facing than […]

Share The Love: The New Cloth Diaper Bank

Together with my team at the office, I have been working on getting a Cloth Diaper Bank off the ground for months now… it’s taken time to get everything off the ground and operational, but last week, we did our first official Share The Love™ diaper distribution to families here in St. Louis. Share The […]

Getting Started With A Business: Keep Your Focus

Focus is essential for achieving a goal… any goal. Owners of new cloth diaper companies tend to spend a great deal of time looking at (and worrying about) what other cloth diaper companies are doing. What everyone else is doing doesn’t matter. What *does* matter is what you are doing, how you are doing it […]